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Automatic grinders

Grinding machines for iron castings

In 1986, Maus became an independent company separated from the Italian Carraro Group, building on the extensive experience of the Group’s employees. The aim to this day is to produce machines and equipment that meet and anticipate the needs of industry. The most important principle they follow is the motto: ” MACHINES THAT NEVER STOP”.

Continuous operation, rapid tooling changes and reprogramming of the machine to a new workpiece, high-end safety features to ensure reliability, and rigid construction and a high-end diamond tool set to ensure accuracy are the consequences of this maxim.

Maus is the ideal partner for foundries that intend to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers. The grinders provide production flexibility, short machining times, quick tooling changes and grinding of castings with complex shapes. The use of an independent programmer to prepare a new production process further extends production times on the grinders.

The three basic types of grinders enable grinding, as well as trimming of gating systems and hoppers, of castings from 100 to 1,300 mm in diameter and weighing from 0.5 kG to 600 kG.

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MAUS Automatic Grinding Machines:

MAUS grinding machines – description:
– two horizontal grinding wheels – one for coarse grinding, the other for finishing, a vertical grinding wheel, a cutter for grinding the internal diameters of the casting loading and unloading and the grinding operation occur simultaneously

– possibility of machining two workpieces in one cycle

– preparation of vertical, horizontal and face grinding wheels and other cutting tools occurs smoothly, which contributes to high productivity and economic aspects (energy efficiency)

– laser measurement of the workpiece updates and corrects the program automatically, which eliminates unnecessary machining of the casting

– there is a possibility to program the machine on other workstations, which puts it in the lead of manufacturers

– heavy and massive construction and the use of a special design eliminates any vibration and oscillation

Advantages of MAUS automatic grinders:
four grinding tools
two-station rotary table
possibility to cut off filler systems
diamond grinding discs
grinding of engine blocks
teleservice and on-line control
manual programmer


Lianco Technologies Ltd. consists of a group of professionals with many years of experience in providing automated finishing solutions for cast iron, steel and light alloys.

The solutions offered by Lianco are designed in Europe and manufactured in China at the company’s Yuyang headquarters in Dalian, located in an industrial district chosen by many international machine tool manufacturers thanks to the presence of a high level of technical expertise and a top-level supply chain.

The key components of the systems offered (electro-spindles, CNC controllers, robots) are supplied by major global manufacturers (Siemens / Bosch Rexroth / ABB / Kuka / THK / Peron Speed / Giordano Colombo), allowing all solutions to be fully compatible with the the highest international standards.

Lianco is not only seen as a supplier of machines and systems, but also as a partner in optimising the entire casting finishing process, still strongly linked to the manual grinding process.

CNC machine tools designed for automatic grinding with high rigidity and flexibility of operation, the best choice for machining castings where high removal rates are required material, or for automatic feed cutting, with the possibility of also carrying out mechanical pre-machining.

Fast workpiece loading/unloading – two-position pallet
Laser for measuring deviations and path compensation
5 grinding axes
Tool magazine for up to 20 pcs.

Robotised targets, designed to allow a high percentage of automatic finishing or automatic grinding of large parts. The robot can be used to move the grinding tool around the part or to move the part relative to the tool the grinding tool, depending on the needs of the individual customer.

Rapid loading/unloading of workpieces – two-position pallet
Laser for measuring deviations and path compensation
7 grinding axes
Tool magazine for up to 20 tools

Turnkey solutions"for the casting finishing process according to the specific needs of of each customer. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide complete solutions covering the entire casting finishing process, combining the best technologies available in the market to provide the best possible solution in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality.

Why Lianco:
Unique team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the casting industry
In-depth knowledge of automated grinding solutions

Worldwide presence Strong network of relationships providing best-in-class end-user service Future-proof technology always one step ahead



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