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Large-size grinders


Grinding in forges and foundries

The Clansman grinders are operated from a safe cabin, using our intuitive and precise system. This means the end of operator fatigue, greater safety, and better efficiency.

G45P Grinder

The G45 grinder is a significantly improved version of any traditional swing frame grinder. We estimate that the G45 can perform the work of about 8 conventional machines with the highest precision and safety. When combined with the rotary table, the G45 offers additional flexibility for grinding castings on all surfaces.

Key features
– 45 kW electric motor driving the grinding spindle via a V-belt.
– 4 axes – vertical, horizontal, rotary, and roller.
– Grinding head can tilt by ±20°
– 500 mm diameter grinding wheel
– Designed for heavy-duty grinding of flat surfaces.

G30P Grinder

The G30P grinder offers even greater versatility than the G45 machine. Equipped with an improved control system, the G30P grinder provides excellent precision and accuracy during grinding. This machine uses a smaller, more flexible grinding head, allowing the G30P to reach more difficult foundry areas.

There is also the option of installing a Delta Motion Controller offering additional pressure and position control. This allows operators to follow the surface and achieve consistent material removal on the selected area.

Key features
– 30 kW hydraulic motor driving the grinding spindle via an individual drive unit.
– 5 axes of movement – vertical, horizontal, rotary, and 2 axes of rotation.
– Grinding head uses 360-degree movement
– Wide range of different grinding stones and cutting discs.
– 500 mm diameter grinding wheel
– Delta controller has a “teach and learn” function for semi-automatic grinding.

C620G Grinder

The C620G is the largest grinder in our range. This machine copes perfectly with significantly larger castings and heavy-duty grinding. The grinding head in these machines is large to enable effective use of the full power potential.

Grinders of this type are regularly used by wind turbine casting manufacturers.

Key features:
– Designed for power of 55 kW to 110 kW
– Option for a wider range of tools such as an 815 mm cutting disc
– Axes of movement – vertical, horizontal, rotary, deflection, tilting, and pitching.

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