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All the equipment we manufacture is to the exact specifications and requirements of the
customer’s requirements. Thanks to their robustness and reliability, the manipulators improve the productivity and profitability of the
production facility.
Clansman offers a wide range of customised and robust solutions for the
foundry industry. Below you will find information on manipulators, air hammers
and cutters. These tools are powerful and capable of working under extreme loads. Like
all equipment, they are subjected to exhaustive testing to ensure their expert performance in a
very difficult operating environment.
The range of applications for Clansman manipulators continues to grow and now includes manipulators with
actual lifting capacity of up to 20 tonnes. The machines offer a wide range of applications, and on request we are happy to
send examples and case studies of the machines in operation.
The manipulators have a long service life of 10 years when operated in 3 shifts per day with a cycle of
every 6 seconds.
The manipulators are manufactured to meet specific expected loads with
operating stresses.

Key features
– Strong and durable – designed to withstand over 40 million repeated cycles
– Steel castings in high stress areas to avoid weld fatigue
– Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings for greater reliability
– Shock absorbers on the arm and grippers for protection against shock loads
– Electronic force and acceleration feedback in the control arm
– Stainless steel hydraulic tank to reduce corrosion and minimise contamination with
– Simple electronic control board for greater reliability
– Ergonomic control arm and handle reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury


Clansman hammers are designed for the mechanical breaking off of power packs from castings. Mounted
them on the hook of a crane or overhead crane, operated manually or, for maximum
flexibility mounted on a Clansman manipulator arm.
The one-piece forged impact head design significantly improves reliability as it
it eliminates weak points: welds or bolted connections. This robust construction means that the hammers do not
fall apart during use, reducing the potential risk of downtime for your business.
Each Clansman hammer is supplied with a hook attachment point, shock absorbers
mounted on the operator’s handles, an air valve and trigger, and a 6BAR (90psi) air connection
6BAR (90psi) air connection.
Key features
– One-piece forged alloy impact head / motion limiter
– Shock absorbers designed to absorb all hammer energy
– Sliding graphite wear strips on all moving parts
– Grounded impact head return tube
– Designed to operate at 6 BAR, but rated up to 10 BAR


Clansman breakers easily separate casting feeders or entire ingot systems, making it easier to
their transport and remelting. The mechanical breakers instantly grasp, bend and break
ingots. Breaking capacity of up to 120mm diameter can be expected for all grades of cast iron
ductile iron.

The breakers can be mounted on manipulators as part of the tooling or mounted on a
fixed for maximum productivity. The design of the machines is resistant to axial and
radial bearing loads, keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum. When
maintenance is required, parts can be easily disassembled, further reducing potential
Key features
– Breaking jaws made from cast steel for strength and reliability
– Regenerative hydraulic circuit for faster closing movements
– T-pieces and ball valves to isolate the Breaker circuit for maintenance.
– Simple push-button control from existing Clansman manipulator
– Flexible 3-axis mounting system to prevent transfer of heavy loads

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