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Mass control and cooling


Scoval, a French company founded in 2006, is made up of experienced technicians in the field of machine design, who come from the foundry pillar Fondrac. The machines have been recognised worldwide as meeting customer requirements in terms of quality and reliability. The Rotocontrol , ROTOMAX and Maxcool machines for mixing and cooling moulding sand have been sold in more than 300 sets. Our staff’s knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery have led to excellent results in their construction and continuous improvement (mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, as well as industrial automation).


The systems can be used in steel, aluminium, cast iron industries
Benefits that result from using the system :
– Two functions in one unit : refrigeration and mixer
– Simplification of the mass processing station
– Lower energy consumption, savings due to reduced energy consumption
– Improved mixing efficiency associated with reduced binder consumption
– Reduction in the amount of water required for the process
Improved mass quality parameters, mass fluidity, level of permeability.

The new device concept is:
Weighing of mass before filling
Measurement of the humidity and temperature of the mass before filling
Conversion of bentonite and coal dust
Measurement of the temperature of the pulp before entering the mixer
Measuring the air temperature at the outlet of the cooler
Mixer outlet temperature measurement


Mixers of the series : Rotomax in foundries achieve excellent results, reduce binder consumption, noticeable improvement in mass flow parameters, lower energy consumption.


For several decades, foundry experience with moulding sand quality issues has clearly defined two important parameters: compactability and consistency. Two parameters that testify to the quality of the product. This is why, with fully automatic control of these parameters, ROTOCONTROL makes it possible to dose the right quantities of water, bentonite and coal dust.
The system was designed to work with all types of mixers.
It optimised and standardised the quality of the moulding sand.
Reduced the use of additional substances.

It displayed all editable parameters in real time.


Compact moulding sand quality tester: compression force, compactability
Instrument panel for process control and traceability of results

Height 96 cm
Width : 40 cm
Length 31 cm
Weight 80 kg
Power supply : 220 V
Set includes :
Two sizes of sampling tubes : diameters 50 and 63 mm

Producer: Scoval ( )



Gnieźnieńska 26

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62-006 Kobylnica