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Robotised grinding and polishing stations

Industrial robots


The robotised machining station facilitates and speeds up the process of grinding various parts. The entire system forms an integral whole and is enclosed in a sealed cabin that has been unified for transport – standard transport equipment. All system components are integrated with the workpiece storage and control panel.

The innovative system allows the grinding units to rotate automatically in relation to the position of the workpiece, controls the contact between the workpieces and the tools, resulting in the highest machining quality and productivity of the proposed solution.

The grinding units can be equipped with abrasive wheels of various diameters, abrasive belts of various grit sizes and extensions for grinding flat surfaces.

Grinding and polishing stations in the Adjatech range:
for grinding and polishing aluminium
for grinding and polishing brass
for grinding and polishing of steel
for grinding and polishing bronze

Features of Dan Technology systems

– grinding machines integrated with the robot
– flexibility of machine tools to adapt to the production of parts of different shapes and different series
– flexibility in system programming
– glossy finishing with minimal workpiece wear
– 100% utilisation of the machine’s production capacity
– automatic loading and unloading of workpieces – storage systems
– automation of grinding and polishing operations on large workpieces
– operation of robots in sound-proof cabins
– possibility of grinding and polishing operations on automated rotary tables (table with 4 or 6 stations, automatic transfer of elements from one operation to another, automatic unloading)

Application of Dan Technology systems

DAN TECHNOLOGY’s robotic machining centres are designed for machining metals, wood, plastic materials, ceramics. DAN TECHNOLOGY offers equipment for grinding, polishing, finishing. The proposed solutions are always tailored to customer requirements.

Thirty years of experience in the production of robotic systems puts the company among the world’s leading companies. DAN TECHNOLOGY fully meets expectations in terms of the quality of machined parts, viz:
– metals – possibility of machining aluminium workpieces, workpieces made of steel, cast iron, silver, gold, copper
– wood – possibility of processing soft and hard wood and varnished coatings
– plastics – thermoplastics, polyester, thermosetting materials
– ceramics
– other materials

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