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Foundry Poznań

die casting and sand casting | mechanical and surface treatment | modelling and prototyping | powder coating

Our aluminium foundry has been producing aluminium castings since 2003. The company was founded on a foundation of two generations of experience in the design and manufacture of casting models. The factory founded by our family has been making casting models for industry since 1950, and the knowledge gained from this has enabled us to grow and invariably forms the basis for us in the production of aluminium castings.

Mechanical processing

cnc turning | turning
cnc milling | laser cutting

Having a wide production spectrum, we take care of the full satisfaction of our customers, who have appreciated us for years for our high quality production and timely execution of orders according to individual projects. Thanks to the very well-functioning cooperation between the design, technology, casting, machining and logistics departments, we are able to offer you the manufacture of details from the design and manufacture of casting moulds to the delivery of finished products to the doors of our customers.

Laser cutting

precision laser cutting | machining

ADJATECH is a dynamic company that provides comprehensive metal cutting and machining solutions, meeting the highest quality standards. Our offer includes innovative sheet metal cutting services using precision laser and CNC cutting on modern machines . In addition, we are experts in brass and aluminium casting. Our advanced technologies and experienced team enable us to carry out even the most demanding projects.



Gnieźnieńska 26

Janikowo, Poznań

62-006 Kobylnica