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Grave marker letters in stainless steel

ZECERO manufactures stainless steel products dedicated to the stonework and architectural sector. The production offer mainly includes steel letters, vases, lamps, effigies, gravestone crosses, religious symbols and decorations for monuments. They serve to personify gravestones and a wide range of accessories, signs, emblems and inscriptions for other purposes made mainly on customer request.


Bronze products from a renowned brand

Adjatech sells a variety of bronze products and one of the main ones is letters. In this way, it continues the tradition of the Bronzo company, which for more than 20 years was a distributor of Caggiati products. Today, the bronze products we offer mainly include decorative elements for tombstones. We strive to cooperate with the best stonemasonry companies, which for years have valued the bronze products we offer for their excellent workmanship and elegant appearance.


Lettering, signs and logotype services


Our company provides services in the field of making letters for houses, which can be modified to suit the customer. We also specialise in making plaques, advertising sign boards (including logos). We have professional equipment for cutting products from stainless steel and processing on CNC machines. Our production range includes letters, symbols, signs, decorations, various emblems and customer-specific inscriptions.



Gnieźnieńska 26

Janikowo, Poznań

62-006 Kobylnica