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Production automation

production automation and robotisation | grinding | deburring | polishing

As a specialised bench integrator, we offer full consultancy on our proposed technologies, prepare designs for robotic systems, and carry out trials on test benches. We place considerable emphasis on the subject of cleaning, deburring and grinding of castings. Our range of services has also been expanded with the introduction of solutions for the cutting-off and nailing of gating systems and flashings. We have extensive experience in the area of steel profile grinding, focusing on grinding and deburring of welds as well as longitudinal grinding of profiles.

Foundry equipment

Melting furnaces | Automatic metal pouring systems | Large-volume grinders | Manipulators | Mass control and cooling

The company we run, Adjatech, is known primarily for its technical and artistic casting services, as well as the possibility of powder coating, varnishing and electroplating of castings. Nowadays, our range of services is constantly expanding so that we can offer you numerous technological solutions intended mainly for places such as iron foundries, steelworks or metallurgical plants. Thanks to the equipment and machines we offer, your company will significantly streamline production processes, increase capacity and optimise production costs while maintaining high product quality.



Gnieźnieńska 26

Janikowo, Poznań

62-006 Kobylnica