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Foundry equipment

Our company, Adjatech, is known for our technical and artistic foundry services, as well as our powder coating, painting, and galvanization process. Our offerings continue to grow, enabling us to provide technological solutions for iron foundries, forges, and metallurgical companies. Our equipment and machines will improve your production processes, increase processing capacity, and optimize production costs while maintaining the high quality of your products. Our technical service provides assistance with installation, warranty, and non-warranty repairs to ensure continuity of your business.

Our foundry equipment is based on the latest technologies, as foundries are the basis of our activity. We provide advice at every point in our collaboration. We will assist you in selecting the most advantageous technology and in setting up the necessary equipment.

Induction melting furnaces

Turkish company involved in the production of induction melting furnaces.

Quality and innovative solutions are generating more and more customer interest. DUET POWER ovens, allow automatic power regulation between two ovens….

Automatic metal pouring systems

pourTECH AB, is a continuation of the engineering achievements of SELCOM and KOINS, both of which specialised in the manufacture of cold chamber automatic mould pouring control systems…

Shock gratings

CAH-type units are used for boxed and boxless automatic moulding lines with continuous sand separation from castings. They are broadly suitable for cast iron of different susceptibilities. Shock conveyors operate at high frequency….

Cooling tunnels

Gentle cooling enhances the quality of the casting and protects against unwanted structural changes and cracks.
The ConviTec cooling tunnel drive consists of a three-phase motor, belt drive and crank-driven slider….

Automatic grinders

In 1986, Maus became an independent company separated from the Italian Carraro Group, building on the extensive experience of the Group’s employees. The aim to this day is to produce machinery and equipment that meets and anticipates the needs of the industry….

Large-size grinders

To meet the demand of the foundry sector and to automate the grinding process, ClansmanDynamics has semi-automatic large-volume grinding machines in its production profile for…

Robotised grinding and polishing stations

The robotic machining station facilitates and speeds up the process of grinding various parts. The entire system forms an integral whole and is enclosed in a sealed cabin that has been unified under…

Cannons and hydraulic wedges

Its production profile includes hydraulic wedges and power supply bounce guns. Thanks to its wide range of sizes, it is possible for each customer to adapt the appropriate impact force so that the rebound process takes place without damage to the casting.

Refractory materials, furnace rammers

The company started in 1983 as a manufacturer of special refractory materials.
Over the next few years, it developed into a thriving…

Mass control and cooling

Scoval, a French company that was founded in 2006, is made up of experienced technicians in the field of machine design, who come from the foundry pillar Fondrac. The machines have been recognised worldwide as meeting the requirements of …

Core shooters

LAUDS manufactures its equipment for use in iron foundries
LAUDS’ automatic core shooters can be used for processes depending on the model. The most popular series of shooters depending on customer requirements are.

Mass regeneration stations

LAUDS has a range of moulding sand reclamation plants in its production profile. Each plant is custom-designed to deliver the most highly efficient product possible along with an affordable price….

Belt conveyors

ADJATECH started its activities in 2003 and has been selling various brands of technology belt conveyors ever since. Today, the company serves a very diverse customer base in various industrial sectors, including cement production….


An established Scottish manufacturer of manipulators. Its production profile includes automatic manipulators designed for use in harsh foundry environments. The robust and well thought-out design of the equipment allows for long and trouble-free operation in harsh…

Ultrasonic equipment

GILARDONI was founded in Italy in 1947 and has since become a leader in industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. It offers a wide range of ultrasonic equipment used in many industrial sectors….



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